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Having access to reliable, timely intelligence allows companies to identify and evaluate potential threats to their business, maintain competitive advantages, establish best practices and identify strategic opportunities. At Strategic Insights, our problem solving methodology, proprietary software and consultative approach to strategy driven business intelligence provides clients with critical information to make optimal strategic decisions without putting millions of dollars at risk.


Strategic Insights provides insight into external issues
which could significantly impact the strategic initiatives of our clients.

Our consultative approach to intelligence gathering, analysis and insight enables us to tailor each project to the unique needs and circumstances of our client. Years of experience working together give our leadership team a unique perspective on assembling and utilizing resources to obtain the critical insights that our clients require to succeed.

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We provide a unique capability for our clients through our proprietary intelligence model comprising six proven elements:

  • International Intelligence Expertise
  • Consultative Approach
  • Proprietary Insight Mapping Software
  • Global Expert Network
  • Strategy Driven Business Intelligence
  • Insights That Optimize Opportunity and Mitigate Risk

The result? Clients benefit from unparalleled insight into all critical issues that could potentially impact their business from a financial, reputation and competitive positioning perspective. Armed with these insights, companies can both optimize opportunities and mitigate risk associated with strategic initiatives. > back to top


"If only we had known that sooner" has become an all-to-familiar response by executives seeking redress from unexpected changes and disruptions to strategic initiatives.  However, without a crystal ball, even the largest companies struggle with sorting through the avalanche of potentially useful data that could have prevented unforeseen obstacles from sabotaging the best laid plans.

Insight Mapping, Strategic Insights; proprietary intelligence software, helps executives identify emerging changes in their business environment so they can evaluate their potential impact on strategic initiatives prior to implementation and if necessary, make adjustments to achieve their goals.  Specifically, Insight Mapping acts as an early warning system for companies seeking to identify, measure and verify market dynamics, competitive initiatives and corporate risks that are unique to their business and could potentially affect the outcome of strategic initiatives. 

Insight Mapping uses informational analysis and visualization technology to:

  • Search all internal and external sources including news, blogs and research.
  • Retrieve relevant information unique to your business and strategic initiatives.
  • Identify, measure and refine queries based on findings.
  • Verify informational trends by source, language and geography and alike.

Insight Mapping is completely integrated with our proprietary intelligence model.  All emerging changes indicating relevant, significant or imminent discontinuities in the marketplace are detected early on and ferreted out by experts in our global intelligence network.  The result?  Clients can identify and measure emerging changes in their market place, evaluate their potential impact on performance early on, and take the appropriate measure to achieve their goals. For more information about Insight Mapping please visit

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At Strategic Insights, our growth and accomplishments are the direct result of our unwavering commitment to the success of our clients and their satisfaction with both our deliverables and methods. We understand the unique needs of each client and provide the highest quality of personalized service and industry expertise.

Our commitment to professionalism, ethical practices and client confidentiality is critical to the success of our relationships. We are governed by a strict code of ethics that guides the ways in which we conduct research and analysis, and conform to all relevant national and international laws. All information conveyed to clients is obtained voluntarily, legally and ethically without device or coercion. We fully protect proprietary information provided by clients under a promise of confidentiality and do not use methodologies that if publicized would create embarrassment or legal complications for clients or our company.

Strategic Insights' corporate culture promotes and encourages full compliance with these ethical standards and all relevant client policies and procedures.
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