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CEOs, CFOs, investors and other professionals responsible for leading their company in new directions need more than a compilation of competitive data. They require insight into the motives and decision making processes of competitors so they can seize strategic opportunities and protect their company against loss. Understanding 'why' competitors act the way they do versus simply 'what' they do is critical to achieving strategic initiatives, yet not easily available through public domain sources.Strategic Insights provides clients with critical intelligence to make optimal strategic decisions that will lead their company in new directions. Specifically, we help clients:
  • Protect Intellectual Property Rights in the U.S. and Abroad
  • Perform Due Diligence for M&A and Strategic Partnerships
  • Substantiate an Investment
  • Assess Implementation Risk
  • Identify and Measure the Impact of Competition
  • Evaluate Customer, Supplier and Other Value Chain Relationships
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Many manufacturers face a type of intellectual property infringement that can be far more virulent than product knock offs. This dangerous form of intellectual thievery is elusive and centers on the illegal appropriation of manufacturing know-how. Leading companies that spend billions of dollars on patented and unpatented processes and technologies have been incapacitated by competitors that appropriate such know-how illegally or unethically to create an undeserved advantage.

In a world of increased global competition, unique and innovative manufacturing procedures and models can mean the difference between market domination and being an 'also ran'. Strategic Insights helps clients detect and mitigate the illegal or unethical appropriation of manufacturing know-how. Our proprietary intelligence model and proven methodologies help clients:

  • Determine the extent to which conversion has occurred
  • Measure the risk associated with alternative courses of action, and
    evaluate the strategic impact on their business.

The result? Clients can pursue the optimal means of redress and mitigate potential losses attributed to illegal or unethical actions by competitors.> back to top


For more than a century, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships and joint ventures have been the primary propellant for commercial growth. Whether you are seeking to expand globally or increase your market share in the U.S., strategic relationships in one form or another have proven to be critical success factors for companies seeking to enter new markets, share technology or syndicate financial and operational risk.

Unfortunately, many strategic relationships fail to achieve their goals despite exhaustive, pre-transaction, due diligence initiatives carried out by legal, financial and accounting advisors. Such initiatives tend to focus on tangible assets that are easily verified. What is often missed however, are the intangible assets that play a significant role in influencing the key benefits that justified the transaction in the first place.

Focusing on intangibles such as customer and supplier relationships, management style, decision-making processes and corporate culture allow you to understand potential risks and identify opportunities more fully. The result? Better project the future course of your business relationships and specific programs to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities.

At Strategic Insights, we help you identify strategic opportunities, measure risk and understand the implications of intangible factors that are above and beyond the scope of traditional due diligence. Our proprietary approach to intelligence gathering and evaluation, combined with the expertise of our global network helps companies identify gaps in their strategies for business combinations and enhance the potential for successful, long-term relationships. > back to top


When companies make strategic investment decisions millions of dollars are at risk. Substantiating an investment, whether for capital asset expansion, a merger, or to create a new venture, is always a bit of a paradox. Determining the level of investment required is generally always easier than determining future benefits, the complexities of which can seem both endless and highly unpredictable.

Without a crystal ball, many companies face the daunting task of accepting significant uncertainty associated with a particular investment and then hoping for the best. For example, what actions (or reactions) can you expect from competitors? Will government regulators oppose you? Will other companies enter your market with revised or substitute offerings? Will your actions be welcomed by customers and suppliers?

At Strategic Insights, we act as your thought partner in substantiating investment decisions. We gain a thorough understanding of your business environment and provide you with tightly correlated information, highly relevant trends and qualified recommendations so you can make informed investment decisions and take the best action for your company. We take raw, unfiltered data from our network of experts and turn it into a powerful decision making tool. The result? Companies can predict with greater accuracy the expected success of major investment decisions. > back to top


Every management decision, from new product roll-outs to major acquisitions, involves some level of risk. Although implicit evaluations of risk have always been part of corporate decision-making, management's principal focus has invariably been on quantifying the financial impact of changes in strategic direction or underlying operating tactics. However, equally important and often times overlooked, are the consequences that arise from unexpected changes that emerge during implementation. These can take many forms such as unforeseen reactions by competitors or adverse actions by governments and regulatory agencies.

Regardless of which form risk takes, companies wishing to implement a significant change in direction successfully must: 1) comprehensively assess all types of implementation risk, and 2) have the capability to monitor both financial and non-financial consequences of unanticipated changes in market conditions as they begin to emerge.

Strategic Insights helps clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the non-financial risks of significant management decisions as well as their impact on their business prior to execution. In addition to identifying and evaluating the impact of various political, economic, sovereign and other non-financial risks, we help companies develop strategies that minimize adverse consequences and facilitate implementation to achieve their goals.
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Knowing how to capitalize on competitors' weaknesses while simultaneously neutralizing their strengths is an essential skill for corporations seeking industry leadership and market dominance. A major factor compounding the achievement of these goals is often times a key competitor is half a world and several times zones away. In such circumstances, competitive actions can be easily misinterpreted by executives lacking
in-depth knowledge of local customs, economic conditions and other market influences. Further, once competitive strategies become known it is after the fact and too late to take meaningful action.

Executives seeking to overcome global complexities presented by distance, culture and time, learn early on that internal monitoring of data in the public domain is not sufficient to deal with competitors effectively. Strategic Insights helps companies use intelligence to gain insight into competitive actions before they occur or immediately thereafter. Our unique approach combines business acumen with global market expertise to provide clients with insight into what motivates competitive behavior as well as their decision making processes. Armed with this knowledge, clients are better positioned to make strategic decisions quickly, confidently and in advance of competitive actions. > back to top


An important requirement of effective strategic management is the ability to manage your company's value chain relationships. Continuously monitoring the actions of key customers and suppliers, as well as government regulators and competitors, requires insight into their strategies, tactics and decision making processes long before they become apparent in the public domain. Without this insight, companies are forced to react blindly to circumstances that could potentially affect revenue, product pricing and market share.

How do you gain insight into the potential impact of key players within your value chain? By incorporating strategic intelligence techniques, many companies are able to make informed decisions about the best long-term strategy or near term remedy for optimizing value chain management.

At Strategic Insights, we help companies use intelligence to gain 'insight with implications' into the strategies, tactics and decision making processes of the key relationships that make up their value chain. Our forward-looking approach benefits clients by identifying potential obstacles and highlighting opportunities to achieving their goals. > back to top