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All companies, R&D facilities and government entities
deal with strategic intelligence in one way or another,
either globally or locally. However, most do not have the
appropriate infrastructure in place to gather intelligence,
verify its credibility or assess its potential impact on their
business. This includes expert sources that can garner critical information in a timely fashion both legally and ethically. Without this expertise, companies cannot make informed decisions about the best long-term strategy or short-term remedy.

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As a leading global intelligence firm, Strategic Insights is highly regarded by clients and colleagues for our global intelligence network expertise. With over 100 intelligence consultants on five continents, we are recognized as the "best kept secret" for industrial, geographic, business and marketing expertise.

Simply put, our experts access their contacts, enabling us to reach places that others cannot. Throughout the process strict adherence to ethical and legal standards is maintained.

Network members have significant subject matter expertise in a wide range of industries including: consumer products, energy and extractive industries, financial services, health care, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, professional services, telecommunications and transportation. Our global intelligence network consists of high profile professionals, most of whom have worked on multiple client engagements:

  • Current or former corporate directors and executives
  • Academicians
  • Attorneys
  • Executive recruiters
  • Financial analysts
  • Current or former general management consultants
  • Former government officials and regulators
  • Former senior military and naval personnel
  • Journalists
  • Physicians